Requirements: Adults
Requirements: Kids
Requirements: Little Sparks


“As one of the founders of Pinan-Do Karate at Phoenix Academy of Martial Arts, I love that our dojo is passionate about the art of Karate and the willingness to teach others to grow in and out of the dojo. The instructors get as much out of teaching as do the students. Everyone is treated like family, never feeling guilty, always feeling encouraged.”

—Randy M., Pinan-Do Instructor

Belts: Procedures

Pinan-Do Karate adheres to the traditions and teachings of the original Masters. Long before there was a belt system in the martial arts, there were "Black Belts" because the qualities of the Black Belt do not lie within or upon the piece of cloth that keeps their Gi fastened.

You can review our technical requirements for adults, kids, and Little Sparks curriculums to see the Kata, Self Defense and Kumite techniques you need to master on your journey to your black belt. All students must have the approval of two of the school's Sosais in order to test.

Belt test fees for all individuals is $10. Typical belt testing sessions take about 2.5 hours, and there is a belt ceremony at the end of the test for all students advancing.