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"Our 12-year-old son, Mack, attends Phoenix Academy. What an amazing place. The instructors care about the karate progress that students achieve, and also care about them as individuals. They not only teach karate moves but stress respect, integrity, and self-control. It's an extremely nurturing environment where teamwork and mutual encouragement abounds. As parents, we enjoy going to the dojo to witness such a well-run academy; it actually makes us feel good to be there. Our son loves the academy as well, and what he's learning is contributing much to his personal growth and development. We can't imagine sending Mack anywhere else for karate. PKA is truly top notch."

—Ray & Dottie, Lewiston, ME

Belts: Requirements for Kids download in MSW

8th Kyu Yellow
Dojo Precepts: Humility, Self-Control, Integrity, Courtesy, Discipline, and Perseverance; Techniques: Straight Punch, Upper Block, Palm Heel Block, Front Kick (low, middle & High) Crescent Kick Inside to Out; Falls: Front Fall; Self Defense: NVP (Non Violent Posture), Basic Distancing, Who is a stranger?; Kata: Basic Block Kata #1, Basic Block Kata #2
[2 month min. from White Belt]
7th Kyu Orange

Demonstrates all 7 Focus Positions; Techniques: Hook Punch, Side Kick, Back Kick; Blocks: Inside to Outside Middle Block, Outside to Inside Middle Block, Roundhouse kick Low, middle High, Palm Heel Strike, Front Stance, Back Stance; Sparring: Basic Combinations; Falls: Back Fall, Side Fall; Kata: Basic Block Kata #3, Basic Block Kata #4; Self Defense: Bully Push Defense [2 month min. from Yellow Belt]
6th Kyu Purple
Techniques: Crescent Kick Outside to In, Ax Kick, Hook Kick; Sparring: Body shifting, Weaving, Slipping; Kata: Cobra Strikes, Spinning Tiger; Self Defense: Bully Punch Defense
[2 month min. from Orange Belt]
5th Kyu Blue
Techniques: Spinning Back Kick, Tobi Mae Geri; Sparring: Block and Counter Techniques; Kata: Dragon Whips Its Tail; Self Defense: Wrist Grab Defense
[2 month min. from Purple Belt]
4th Kyu Green Techniques: Tobi Yoko Geri, Tobi Mawashi Geri, Kin Geri; Sparring: Ability to read opponent ; Kata: Kihon Kata; Self Defense: Lift and Carry Defense
[2 month min. from Blue Belt]
3rd Kyu
Brown 3 Techniques: Low Line Kicks for Self Defense, Open Hand techniques for Self Defense; Sparring: Broken Rhythm & Faking, Angle attacks; Kata: Taikyoku; Self Defense: Hair Pull from Front and Back
[3 month min. from Green Belt]
2nd Kyu Brown 2 Techniques: Advanced Hand & Foot Combinations; Sparring: Conditioning & Endurance; Kata: Sagogi Ichi; Self Defense: Front Kick Defense
[3 month min. from Brown-3 Belt]
1st Kyu Brown 1 Techniques: Can begin to demonstrate Bunkai from Kata; Sparring: Refine concepts, improve on speed & timing; Kata: Sagogi Ni; Self Defense: Round Kick Defense (Low, Middle, & High)
[3 month min. from Brown-2 Belt]
Jr. Black
Black Techniques: Demonstrate all Set self defense learned; Fitness Requirement: 25 Push-ups, 50 Sit-ups, 250 Jumping Jacks; Leadership: Able to lead entire class through basics using proper Japanese terminology; Kata: Naihanchi Shodan & Bo Shodan; Written: Write a one-page essay titled: “What I have learned on my path to black belt”.  
[3 month min. from Brown-1 Belt]
    WAITING PERIOD BETWEEN BELTS: The waiting period was established to ensure that the student has the knowledge necessary to test to the next rank. It is not a time requirement, but a minimum class requirement based on an average of two classes per week. This means that during a two month period between beginner rank belts, it is to be understood that the student will attend at least 16 regular classes to prepare for the next rank, and during the three month period between advanced rank, he/she must attend at least 24 regular classes. Therefore, if a student comes to class sporadically, it is likely that he/she will not test after the 2-3 month waiting period, but at a later date when they have attended the required number of classes and demonstrated that the knowledge to represent the desired rank has been achieved. As the student progresses to advanced rank, this will be more strictly enforced at the discretion of the Sosais.